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Students leaving the University

Exact dates for the cancellation of student accounts will be published on the UIS News Service and notified by email to all those concerned. The information below gives the general timetable, and some other advice on what to do before you leave.

When you finish your course...

On – or shortly after – the dates posted on the UIS News Service, all departing students' Desktop Services, Hermes and UIS VPN accounts will be cancelled. You will be notified by email to your @cam address to warn you in advance that this will be happening.

Note: Your Raven account will not be cancelled, granting you continued access to a limited range of University resources.

Those who have applied to continue to a further degree will receive an email to their @cam address confirming that we are aware of their application and that accounts will not be cancelled, as long as the application is live at the cancellation date.

Students cannot keep their University computing accounts after the cancellation date. There is, however, a facility for setting up change of address auto-replies from cancelled @cam accounts; details are also given in the cancellation warning emails.

If you are a student of the University graduating in summer 2018 onwards, you will be able to set up an alumni email address. You should get an email from the Development and Alumni Relations office about setting this up around the time you complete your studies. If you have not received an email and think you should have, please contact the alumni email support team (also based in Development and Alumni Relations) at

Computing accounts cancellation schedule

Undergraduates following two (affiliated), three or four year courses, Clinical Medical, Clinical Veterinary, Part 3 mathematics and LLM students are normally cancelled two weeks after the June graduation ceremony, unless continuing immediately to a further degree. Students will be warned by email at least four weeks before the cancellation date, giving an opportunity to correct the information supplied to us by the University's Student Information System, CamSIS, for instance if planning to continue to a further course. A small number of late-finishing undergraduates are cancelled in mid August.

Short term undergraduate students following courses of a year or less will normally be included in the main undergraduate purge, but may be cancelled earlier if their course lasts for a single term. Students will be contacted by email before cancellation.

Computing accounts will be cancelled when students permanently discontinue their degree, following a warning email. Students who are intermitting or discontinuing on a temporary basis will normally be allowed to keep their accounts, with the agreement of their College.

Taught course postgraduate students following one year courses that finish by the end of July will have their accounts cancelled later in the year, unless continuing to a further degree. Students will be warned by email in late May and will be given an opportunity to tell us if they are planning to continue to another course. Postgraduate students whose courses finish after August 1st are cancelled in the Michaelmas term; again, a warning email will be sent.

Research students and other postgraduate students are included in regular, monthly cancellation runs as they complete their degree. Email is normally sent a month before the cancellation date.

Before you leave...

If you are not intending to return to Cambridge next year, please clear your filespace(s) before the dates given, first ensuring that you have copies of any files you want to keep. If you have subscribed to any mailing lists, please remember to cancel the subscription before you leave.

If you will have another email address after you leave the University (for instance the forwarding service for alumni), you are advised to set up your new account and notify your regular correspondents of your change of address soon.

You may forward mail from your Cambridge account to your new account, but this will only work until the Cambridge account is cancelled. It is regretted that mail cannot be forwarded after accounts are closed.

You may also wish to copy files from DS-Filestore to take away, onto a USB stick or by file transfer to another system.

Your University of Cambridge Microsoft account

You should plan to move any data you have stored in your University Microsoft account before leaving Cambridge, as it is difficult to be precise about when you will lose access. For full details, see:

What happens to my University Microsoft account when I leave Cambridge?


University Society computing resources

Please remember to arrange to transfer ownership of any society resources to the person who will be looking after them in the next academic year. See for instructions.

Information for alumni

To make sure that you receive CAM, the University's alumni magazine, when you leave Cambridge please visit and register your details. You will also find information on the Alumni Travel Programme, the Alumni Weekend and other benefits available to alumni on the same web site.

If you are staying in Cambridge...

...but are going to be away during the summer vacation, please unsubscribe or suspend mail from mailing lists.

Useful information:

If you expect to return to the University in October, but are not on our list of continuing students you will receive an email to your @cam address warning you about cancellation. To correct our records, please fill in the web form at the appropriate page, according to whether you:

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