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Account Extensions for Staff, Postdocs and Certain Research Students

Account Extensions for Staff, Postdocs and Certain Research Students

As part of the standard University leavers process a leavers IT account will be cancelled automatically. Leavers will normally be sent a warning email before cancellation actually happens. Unless you respond and apply for a short-term extension your account will be cancelled about a month after this email. 

What if I need to request an extension to my account?

When you receive the email informing you of your account expiry it will include a link to an online form that will enable you to request an account extension. The form allows you to apply for an extension of either one or two months. At the moment there is no process to pre-record extensions based on a known expiry date, so we currently ask you only submit your extension request after you have been informed of your account expiry by email.

Who can apply for an account extension

Extensions are meant for Staff, Postdocs and certain Research students. Taught students who have been sent an account expiry email should refer to the page on Students Leaving the Univeristy if you are continuing your studies and believe you have received the account cancellation email in error. Staff who believe they have received the account expiry notification in error can find more information on the leaving process on the Staff Leavers' page.

Departmental procedures for longer term extensions.

Some Departments have local procedures in place to enable longer extensions. If you require an extension longer than two months you should contact local IT staff to see what is available in your Department.

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