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Prepare your Hermes mailbox before your transfer date or self-migration

Whether you choose to self-migrate or your institution or UIS migrates it for you, complete these tasks to ensure your mailbox transfer goes smoothly and everything you want to keep gets copied over. Some or all of these may apply to you.

When to do this

  • Institution or UIS-managed mailbox transfers: by 09:00 the day before your transfer date.

  • Self-migration: before you start the migration process.

Fix any duplicate folder names in your Hermes mailbox

Hermes folder names are not case sensitive, but Exchange Online folder names are. This will cause a problem during your transfer to Exchange Online.

For example, in Hermes, you could have 2 folders called Keep me and Keep Me, but Exchange Online can only have one folder with that name, regardless of the capitalisation used.

If you have duplicate folder names in Hermes, you must either:

  • rename the folder to something completely different – in the example above, you might retain Keep me and rename the other to Keep this
  • merge the contents of the two folders into one folder and delete the empty folder


Copy local mail folders back into your Hermes mailbox if you want them copied to Exchange Online

The migration process copies all the data on the Hermes email server to your Exchange Online mailbox. If you have folders in your Hermes mailbox that are only saved on your local drive (such as email archive folders) they will not be copied to your Exchange Online mailbox.

To include these folders, copy or move them back into your Hermes mailbox.

If you do not have sufficient quota remaining in your Hermes mailbox to do this, email for advice.


Move your Draft and Outbox items into your mailbox

Items in your Drafts and Outbox folders are only saved on your local drive. They will not be copied to your Exchange Online mailbox.

If you want the contents of these folders included, create a new folder in your Hermes mailbox and copy the messages into it.


Ensure you can log in to your new mailbox

Check that your Raven password has synced

You'll use your Raven login to access your Exchange Online mailbox. You need to check that your Raven password has synced (is the active password for Exchange Online).

If you need to sync your Raven password, you will also be asked to set up your self-service password recovery. Password recovery gives you a way to reset your password if you forget it.

If you have different passwords for your Hermes email and Raven

After you sync your passwords you will need to use your Raven password to log in to your Hermes mailbox. You may need to update the Hermes connection profile on your devices with your new password.


Set up your multi-factor authentication (MFA) on your University Microsoft account

We have added MFA to your University Microsoft account (which includes Exchange Online) to increase security. If you haven't already, you will need to set your authentication methods before you can log in to your Exchange Online mailbox. 

If you have just synced your Raven password, you will need to wait 30 minutes for the change to take effect before you can log in to your University Microsoft account to set up your multi-factor authentication.


Connect your email app to your Exchange Online mailbox before your migration (optional)

You can connect your email app to your new Exchange Online mailbox, ready to use as soon as your email is sent there.

Webmail users: If you only ever use Webmail, you do not have to do this. You will access your Exchange Online mailbox using the Outlook Web App

Get help with transferring your Hermes account

If you have any queries or need help, visit the Hermes transfer support hub.