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Service Desk laptop servicing policy

The Service Desk staff offer an appointment–based service for laptops which have been hacked or attacked by a virus or worm. This service is available all year except October. During October laptops may be referred either to local Computer Officers, to Hardware Support (who may charge), or to other UIS staff, depending on circumstance.

The procedure for booking your infected or hacked laptop in is as follows.

  1. Telephone the Service Desk on 01223 (7)62999 to make an appointment. If you are a Computer Officer or Techlink who has just found one of your users has an infected or hacked laptop, please tell the user to telephone the Service Desk as soon as possible.
  2. When you telephone the Service Desk, we will agree a date and time for you to bring your laptop into us. This may be the same day or some days later, depending when the next available time slot is. 
    • We will ask for your id (eg., your name and a contact telephone number(s) for you.
    • We will ask some basic questions about your laptop, eg make and model, operating system version, whether any anti–virus software is installed and the symptoms of the problem.
    • We will also ask whether your College or departmental Computer Officer has examined the laptop as this may provide useful history for us.
  3. Having made your appointment, before you bring your laptop to the Service Desk, we ask that you back up all your data. If you cannot do this, the UIS Hardware Support offer a chargeable backup service. They can be contacted at 01223 (3)34670.
  4. On the appointed date when you bring your laptop into the Service Desk, we also ask that you bring in the following: 
    • Power lead(s)
    • Any removable media drives (floppy disk, CD-ROM, zip, DVD drive)
    • Operating System or Restore Operating System discs
  5. In line with other staffed diagnostic services, we ask that you sign our disclaimer when you leave your laptop with us, before we start work on it. Without signed disclaimers, we cannot work on laptops.
  6. We will contact you as soon as the laptop is clean.

Please note. The UIS Service Desk's laptop service only applies to laptops suffering from viruses, worms or hacking.

The Service Desk Officers reserve the right not to work on laptops that they deem to be unsafe to work on or that have not arrived on time (within reason).  Support is provided in English on English language systems.  Any support for non-English systems will be on a best endeavours basis only.

If you have complaints, praise or suggestions about the work of the Service Desk please complete the Suggestions and feedback form.

Last updated: April 2012

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