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Windows 7 reaches end-of-life this month

last modified Jan 07, 2020 10:38 AM
Windows 7 reaches end of life on 14 January, after which Microsoft will no longer supply security updates and bug fixes for the operating system.

Any device running Windows 7 will become increasingly vulnerable to new security flaws or threats after 14 January 2020, putting institutions and the University at risk of attacks. This happened to Windows XP in 2018, when it was targeted by the WannaCry malware. The Department of Health found that the WannaCry hack cost the NHS £92 million, as reported in The Telegraph.

According to data from the McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) platform, we still have more than 2600 devices running Windows 7 at the University. We'll need to dramatically increase the rate at which we're upgrading and replacing the operating system if we are to eradicate it by the deadline.

Windows 7 machines Nov 2019

Getting help

IT colleagues who have been through the migration process have provided some handy tips for Windows 7 upgrades that you may find useful.

Free Windows 10 Professional Edition Upgrade

Institutions that are participating in the University's EES agreement are entitled to a free upgrade to Windows 10 Professional Edition for institutionally-owned devices. For details on how to get this, please visit the Software Distribution site.

McAfee ePO dashboard

In addition, if you've adopted our Managed Endpoint Protection Service, you can use McAfee's ePO dashboard to identify Windows 7 machines in your institution and track your progress towards upgrading or replacing them.

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