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The UIS map team has recently completed work on increasing the coverage of the University Map. They've also updated the search index and improved the underlying system that compiles and displays the map.

The University Map started out as a large fold-out paper map produced by the University Press. Although this was moved online in 2001, it was not until 2012 that a purpose-built online map was created by UIS for the University. This new map provided a larger area sufficient to include major developments such as Eddington and Darwin Green.

The map is a unique resource and shows features that no other map does, such as college sites and porter’s lodges. The map is a combination of custom-styled geographical data from the OpenStreetMap project - to which a large amount of University-specific data was contributed - and a search index of the University's estate.

Since moving online the UIS map team keep it up to date with all the physical changes that take place across the University estate. This is no small task as collectively the University and colleges are constantly constructing new buildings, acquiring new land and changing their properties. 

Extra features have also been added to the map such as curated overlays. These currently include route and timetable information for the Universal Bus, locations of museums, cafes, defibrillators and bicycle repair stations.

Last year it was apparent that a refresh was needed if it was to expand to cover the whole of the University's growing data network, the GBN, which now extends southwards to connect up sites at Babraham and Hinxton.

To make this much larger area practicable, pre-publication time needed to be brought down from hours to minutes. This was achieved by upgrading software so that the small images which make up the map area are now constructed in parallel with each other on many separate processors.

As well as providing the main map website, other websites can easily embed the live map several different ways and access the search index. 

Anyone can make their own overlays and send links or embed them in another site, whether this is an ephemeral "meet you here" or something more public, such as (clickable) locations of events spread throughout the City. The export/print menu also provides high quality map extracts for use in printed matter.

If you have any queries contact the UIS map team through the UIS Service Desk

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