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The switchover to the new Card system is due to take place tomorrow. The Card system will be offline on Thursday while we make the changeover although we will notify you if it is completed earlier. Please do not make changes to the legacy system after 5pm today (Wednesday) as we cannot guarantee they will be synced to the new system after that time.

Expiring cards

Further investigation into the implications of having two active Cards for a period of time has raised some complex issues that need unpicking. In the meantime, we recommend issuing temporary cards for access between when the new card is requested and when it arrives.

Technical support

Due to the complexity of switching to a new source of data, whist retaining data existing in the legacy system, there is only so much testing we have been able to complete. As a result, some unexpected technical issues may pop-up and we aren't going to pretend otherwise. To mitigate this the technical team will be on hand to resolve them. Please report technical issues to:

Help and guidance

General University Card information can be found on our University Card help pages. User guides for the new Card management system will be available tomorrow under the Information for Card Reps section. If you need additional support, please contact the University Card Office at


Published: 14 September 2022

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