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last modified Jul 23, 2020 05:42 PM
UIS has been busily updating the Lookup directory with a raft of new features. Recent enhancements have been made to the web interface for all users, alongside the web services and LDAP APIs for programmatic access.

New user workflows, personal profiles and tags

New features in the web interface include an optional "new user" workflow, which is presented at first authentication to assist new users in seeding information in their initial Lookup page. This includes information about their current role, preferred display name, email address and photograph.

Lookup new user setup

Additionally anyone can now add a brief personal profile to their lookup entry:

Lookup profile

All users can now also add searchable tags to highlight their skills and interests alongside some organisational details such as who their line manager is. When this is set, the system will automatically list any direct reports on their line
manager's page:

Export capabilities have been enhanced, enabling you to download CSVs containing institutional members or a list of CRSids only. Additionally, advanced searches are now possible in the search box using the Lookup Query Language (LQL), which is also supported via the web services API.

New API features

The web services and LDAP APIs are now accessible to authenticated users outside the UDN. You can now use the web services API to fetch everyone in Lookup, and it also now has methods enabling you to query for changed data only. Swagger/OpenAPI is now available as an alternative to the existing Java, Python and PHP client libraries. Further details about the web services API are available on the Lookup service site.

Additional attributes have been added to the web services and LDAP APIs that enable to you access additional information about people. Where no misAffiliation value has been set, you can establish any institutional status asserted for a person via pre-arrival registration using the new jdRegistration attribute. Additionally, you can now retrieve the text (and any associated markup) someone has added to their personal profiles and any tags that have been set. You can retrieve any management and/or reporting lines someone has added to their entry. It's now also more straightforward to identify non-personal training and other reusable accounts with the new reusableAccount attribute.

Finally, in the LDAP directory, there are new member and memberOf attributes that mirror Lookup group memberships in a form compatible with Active Directory, making it easier to integrate Lookup's LDAP directory with third-party tools.

We have updated the full list of the Lookup directory LDAP attributes.

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