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Instructions for preparing your managed ACN/UAS desktop PC for use at home

last modified Mar 19, 2020 02:19 PM
We've rolled out a change to create a local account on every network attached to Administrative Computing Network (ACN) computers so that they will work at home as a local host. If you have permission from your manager and are planning to take your PC home, you will need to take action while it is still connected to the University network to prepare it for use on your home network.

 Important points to note before you start: 

  1. If you currently have to connect to your PC remotely in order to perform key tasks then DO NOT take it home.  PCs taken home will not work in the same way as in the office and will ONLY act as a basic host to then connect remotelyi.e. standalone Windows, with no access to your Network Drives or Network reliant software. 

  2. You MUST follow the procedure below BEFORE you take your PC home.  If you don’t, you will not be able to logon at home. 
  1. Work PCs do not have wireless networking; you will need to take home the network cable attached to the PC and physically plug it into an Ethernet Port (network socket) on your Broadband Router to connect to the Internet via home Broadband. 

Instructions for installing the local account update 

You must do this while your PC is still in place and connected to the work network: 

  1. Restart the PC 

  1. Restart the PC again 

  1. Test the change has been applied by logging in to the new local account using the following credentials: 

  • Username.\remote 
  • Password: remotework  

Note:the .\ is necessary before the username to tell Windows it’s a local rather than domain account. 
For security reasons, your new local account does not have admin rights. It only allows you to use the PC as a local host. 

If you are able to log on, you can now take the PC home – remember to take an ethernet cable with you. Use the logon credentials above when working from home. 

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