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Exchange Online address book shows extra contact details, fed from Lookup

last modified Jan 31, 2019 03:32 PM
The Exchange Online University-wide address book now includes extra contact information taken from your Lookup Profile – you may want to check your listing.

All staff and students using Exchange Online will now see that – where this information is available in Lookup – their contact details in the address book now include:

  • Job Title
  • Department/Institution 
  • Landline telephone 
  • Mobile telephone.

Why is the Exchange Online address book now showing my CRSid showing instead of my full name?

We have also introduced a change to respect the privacy settings people have chosen in Lookup. As a result, people who have set their Display Name in Lookup to be 'Private' or 'Institution' will now see that the Exchange Online address book only displays their CRSid. 

If this applies to you and you would prefer to have your full name displayed, you will need to change your privacy settings in Lookup. There are instructions provided here:

Why isn’t my contact information showing in the Exchange Online address book?

If you have never filled in your Lookup profile, there will now be no information to display. We encourage you to fill in your Lookup Profile now so that your contact information will appear in Exchange Online the next time we sync the Lookup data. 

UAS/some non-School Institution staff: The old Academic Computing Network (ACN) email service's address book took UAS staff's contact information from the ACN AD database, not Lookup. UIS is working to automate the process of taking the data from the ACN AD and feeding it into Lookup, from where it will be fed to the Exchange Online address book.

This last piece of work is expected to be completed next month at which point your contact information will start appearing in the Exchange Online address book automatically if there is no information about you in Lookup. You can either wait for that to happen, or if you would like your details to be included now, you can edit your Lookup Profile (follow links above).

Once this final change comes into effect, your Lookup Profile information – where you have changed it from the default – will still take precedence over any data imported from the ACN AD database. This process will only populate unchanged fields in Lookup using the data from the ACN AD database. It will not overwrite any of the data you have manually entered into your Lookup Profile. 



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