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Exchange Online: ongoing issue affecting access to some shared items, for some people

last modified Mar 11, 2019 03:08 PM
This announcement is relevant to all University members who use Exchange Online: there is an issue in the Microsoft cloud that is preventing some people’s access to some to shared items (personal mailboxes, calendars, shared folders and resources).

What’s the problem?

Microsoft arbitrarily splits users’ data between different locations in its cloud to make maintenance easier. Currently most University users’ data is stored in one location, but 5,300 items are stored in another. The link between these two areas is currently broken:

 ExOL sharing issue

What this means to you

  1. Sharing mailboxes, calendars, files and other resources is currently impossible between the two locations. If your personal user account data is stored in Area A, you will not have shared access to data stored in Area B and vice versa.

  2. The ACN Service Desk and UIS Service Desk cannot currently make changes to any sharing permissions, or create new shared items on your behalf.

  3. Email is not affected – everyone can still send/receive email as usual, and access their own mailbox.

Note: some people in Area B have found they can’t access their email via the Outlook Web App (webmail). If you encounter this issue, use either the desktop Outlook client or a native mobile app.

When will it be fixed?

UIS has reported this issue to Microsoft and escalated it through our reseller. Until the issue is resolved, however, there is nothing UIS can do locally. We will issue an update as soon as we have something to report.

UIS Service Desk
11 March 2019