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UIS launches a new Moodle for Easter Term assessments

last modified Mar 29, 2021 02:19 PM
UIS has launched a new temporary instance of Moodle that will be used solely for centrally managed assessments delivered during Easter Term 2021.

It's entirely separate from the University's main Moodle virtual learning environment (VLE). It's also based in the cloud, which means it can scale quickly in response to sudden changes in the volume of usage. Our aim is to ensure that the Assessment Moodle remains stable and reliable during the main period of assessments, and that assessment activity has no impact on day-to-day teaching and learning activities through the main Moodle VLE.

Assessment Moodle

Using the new Assessment Moodle

The overall experience of using the new Assessment Moodle will be the same as that of using the main Moodle VLE: assessments will be set up in exactly the same way as previous online assessments were; communications will be sent in the same way; and everyone with access will log in using their Raven credentials, as usual. When you log in for the first time, you’ll be asked to accept the terms and conditions of use for the new Assessment Moodle. They are slightly different to those for the main Moodle VLE, because this Moodle focuses on assessments.

There will be some key differences:

  • It’s a separate site.
    • It will have its own web address, so the links shown in messages about assessments in Easter Term will be different than those for previous assessments.
    • It will look slightly different. We’ve used a purple colour scheme to help you quickly distinguish between the Assessment Moodle and the Moodle VLE (see the screenshot above).
    • It will have its own user-defined settings for time zone. Students who have changed their time zone in the main Moodle VLE to reflect their current location will need to do the same in the Assessment Moodle. Instructions are available in the Student Support Hub, under ‘Time zone settings’.
  • It uses slightly different login technology.
    • When you log in, it will use Raven Shibboleth single sign-on (SSO) technology, which means that it will behave differently from the VLE Moodle. It will authenticate you as a Raven user on your first login and remain active. If you log out of the Assessment Moodle and then click on the Raven login button again, you won't be asked to re-enter your credentials because of the persistent SSO.
    • On a personal device, you should close your browser window when you've finished working in Moodle. Please also lock your device before you leave it unattended so that no one else can use your SSO session.
    • If you have to use a shared device, you'll need to satisfy yourself that the device is secure, without viruses or keyloggers. You should then use a private (incognito) browser window, and close it when you've finished working. This will clear the SSO settings when you close the window and ensure your Raven login doesn’t remain active.
  • It focuses entirely on assessments.
    • You’ll only be able to see assessment courses. Other courses you are enrolled in will still be in the main Moodle VLE.
    • The menu items will purely focus on assessments. This means you’ll find all the assessment-related help materials, but you’ll need to visit the main Moodle VLE for support content on other topics (such as Panopto).

Within 7 days prior to the assessment you are sitting/managing, you’ll receive communications with the relevant link to the course in the Assessment Moodle, at which point you can test your access and raise any problems. You may not be able to access the new site prior to this, so please bear with us.

Navigating back to the main Moodle VLE

Links to the main Moodle VLE will be available on the top menu and on the login page of the Assessment Moodle. You may find some content in the Assessment Moodle will also link you back to the main Moodle VLE. Note that when you click on these links back to the main Moodle VLE, you’ll be prompted to log in using Raven because it’s a separate site.

Further information

If you have any queries about the new Assessment Moodle, please contact Moodle Helpdesk at .

If you have received a link to the new Assessment Moodle but are unable to log in, please contact with details of the assessment you believe you should have access to.

For general information and guidance around the centrally managed online assessments for 2021, please visit our support hub for online assessments.

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