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University Adobe licences expired on 19 March

last modified Jul 08, 2019 12:16 PM
If you wish to continue using the software past this date your licences must be renewed. If you do not renew, your licenses will expire a few days after this date.

Device licences at MCS clusters

Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) device licences deployed at MCS clusters expired on 19 March 2019. If you manage an MCS cluster and wish to continue running Adobe CC software, you will need to contact the UIS Desktop and Systems team via the Service Desk, stating the number of device licences required and the IDs of the workstations on which to deploy the software. UIS will then buy the licences and recharge the cost back to the institution. We are still awaiting confirmation of this year's licensing costs; we will let you know these as soon as we are aware of them.


Changes to Adobe’s licensing administration

Adobe is changing its licence administration model, which impacts the way UIS deploys Adobe products to MCS workstations. All departments, colleges and institutions will now have their own Adobe VIP account, and these accounts will replace the single University VIP account set up last year. Please note: if you use your institution’s VIP account to purchase device licences you will only be able to deploy these licences on workstations you manage, UIS will not be able to deploy these licences on MCS workstations.

The deadline for orders was 15 March 2019.

If you have any queries, please contact:

Named User licences

Named User licences purchased through Academia, our third-party supplier, also expired on 19 March 2019. Reminder emails about the renewal process were sent throughout March. If you have any queries about Named User licences please contact Academia direct.

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