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Your UIS Password

Your University IT account uses your 'UIS Password'.

Your UIS Password

Together with your CRSid (your username/User-id), your UIS Password lets you log in to many online services including:

  • CamSIS – student records
  • your Cambridge email
  • resources protected by Raven authentication
  • the University of Cambridge Microsoft portal
  • your Desktop Services account
  • Moodle

      Your UIS Password protects both your personal data and the University’s systems. Never reveal your password to anyone, no matter how much you trust them! Make sure you use a strong, but memorable, passphrase. 

Managing your UIS Password

If you want to change your UIS Password, use the UIS Password Management app. If you think you have been caught by an online scam, you should change your password immediately:

UIS Password Management app >

If you forget your UIS Password

Bring some photo ID to your College IT staff or the UIS Service Desk and ask for a Password Reset Token.

Sorry, we won't reset your password by email or over the phone because we need to guard against identity theft – we need to see you and your photo ID to prove you're really you.

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