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Start using your Exchange Online mailbox

Access your mailbox using:

Find out about how to access your mailbox.


If you have set up a forwarding address in Lookup:

Set up forwarding on your Exchange Online mailbox

If you have set up forwarding for your email address in Lookup, you must also set up forwarding on your Exchange Online mailbox.

If you don't do this, email from other University Exchange Online users will get sent to your Exchange Online mailbox, not to your chosen forwarding address.


Set up your email forwarding address in Lookup again (if you did not self-migrate)

The managed migration process overwrites your @cam delivery address in Lookup so you must edit your @cam delivery address in Lookup and change it back to your forwarding email address.


Add shared mailboxes and calendars, manage delegation rights and set up mail sorting rules

Use the Outlook Web app to control your Exchange Online mailbox settings, even if you're not using the Outlook email app. You may need to:

Connect your email app to your Exchange Online mailbox (optional)

If you have not done this in advance, you will now need to connect your choice of email app to your Exchange Online mailbox:


Migrate the contacts in your Hermes address book to your Exchange Online contacts (optional)

If you want to, you can copy your contacts from Hermes to Exchange Online.


Remove the old Hermes email profile from all your devices and stop using

Note: if you have only ever used Hermes webmail, you don't need to do this.

After your Hermes mailbox has stopped working (14 days after your mailbox transfer has finished), you should remove the Hermes profile from all your

  • email apps
  • devices

You should also delete all references to

If you leave the old Hermes profile on your device, it may try to connect in the background and you will receive error messages.


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