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UAS email for iPhone and iPad

How to setup your new device 

You will need to be in an area covered by the Eduroam wireless network, (most University buildings will have this).

Please obtain your Eduroam credentials before proceeding at, You will need to login using Raven.

NB Don't forget to setup Find My iPhone or Find My iPad, after you have finished. If you lose your device it can help you find it again. Find the details here.

To set up eduroam, turn on your device for the first time and step through the screens as follows, (the screenshots were taken on an iPad but apply to an iPhone as well).

Start Page

Select your preferred language and click on the blue arrow

page two

Select your preferred region and click "Next".

page 3

Choose to enable or disable location services and click "Next".

page 4

Select eduroam by tapping on it with your finger. If eduroam does not appear on the list, you need to move to an area covered by the eduroam wireless network.

page 5

Enter your eduroam credentials, that you obtained earlier or get them here.

page 6

Tap on "Accept" to install the certificate.

page 7

You should see a tick by "eduroam". Tap on "Next".

page 8

Tap on "Continue".

page 9

You should now see the new iPad/iPhone setup page.

Make sure "Setup as new iPad" is selected and tap on "Next".

page 9

If you have an Apple ID, use it to sign in, otherwise you can tap on "Skip this step".

page 10

If you don't want an Apple ID, confirm by taping on "Skip".

page 11

Read and agree to the Terms and Conditions.

page 12

Confirm by tapping "Agree".

page 13

Select Use or Don't Use Dictation.

page 14

Select Send or Don't Send Diagnostics to Apple.

page 15

Tap on "Start using iPad".

page 16

You will be presented with the home screen. Tap on "Mail".

page 17

To setup your work email, tap on "Microsoft Exchange".

page 18

Enter your work email address.

Enter INTERNAL for the Domain.

Enter your crsid for the username.

Enter the password you use to log onto your work PC. (Note you must update the saved password when ever you change it on your PC).

Enter any text for the description. Tap on "Next".

page 19

You will get this error message. Tap on "Continue".

page 20

Enter for the Server. Tap on "Next".

page 21

Choose whether to sync Contacts, Calenders and Reminders, as well as email. Basic email setup is now complete. Your email folders should start to syncronize automatically in the background.

Press the home button and tap on "Settings".

page 22

Tap on "General" and then "Auto-Lock".

page 23

Select a idle time before the device locks itself and tap on the arrow at the top of the screen labeled "General". 

page 24

Tap on "Passcode Lock" and turn "Simple Passcode" to ON.

page 25

Re-enter your passcode.

page 26

Turn the "Erase Data" option ON. Tap on "Enable" to accept that the device will be wiped after ten wrong passcode attempts.

page 27

Tap on the arrow at the top of the screen labeled "General".

page 28

Tap on "Mail Contacts Calendars" You can adjust various settings for Email etc here.

page 29

Tap on the "Fetch New Data" toward the top of the page.

Choose whether to continually, automatically sync email, check at a set time interval or manually. This completes the device setup.

page 32

Note that if you sync your device with iTunes, at home or work, you should NOT enable syncing with Email, Contacts or Calendars in iTunes.

We strongly recommend that you setup Find My iPhone or Find My iPad on your device. You can find the details here.