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FAQs – Google Apps @ Cambridge

Frequently asked questions about Google Apps @ Cambridge calendars

General questions

  1. We have an '' Google Apps domain. Are we affected affected by the domain?
  2. What sort of Google accounts are there?
  3. Do 'non-web' forms of access work?
  4. Why are you only offering calendar?
  5. Why can I use some of the apps I can get to from the 'More' link on my Google Apps @ Cambridge Calendar page, but not others?

Signing-in to Google Apps

  1. What happened to Google's authentication architecture?
  2. Why can't I sign in to my Google Apps @ Cambridge and my personal Google account at the same time?
  3. I'm using multiple sign-in and sometimes I can access an app and sometimes I can't. What's going on?
  4. I had a Google Account using my address and I now have a Google Apps @ Cambridge account. I don't want both. Can I delete one?

Google Calendar set-up


  1. Why am I having problems accessing my calendar from a mobile device?
  2. Can we set up group calendars as well as individual ones?
  3. I have a shared calendar and I will shortly be leaving the University. Can I transfer the ownership to someone else?
  4. Why don't all my Calendar events show on my iPhone (iOS4)?

How to...

  1. How do I access my Google Apps @ Cambridge calendar from the calendar on my own computer or mobile device?
  2. How do I share my Google Apps @ Cambridge calendar with my colleagues?
  3. How do I export my Google Apps @ Cambridge calendar?
  4. How do I import the entries from another calendar into my Google Apps @ Cambridge Calendar?
  5. How do I add a friend's Google calendar?
  6. How do I subscribe to a calendar that's not on Google?

Personal data security

  1. Is the University passing some of my personal data to Google, and if so, what is being transferred?
  2. Where is information I save in Google Apps @ Cambridge stored?
  3. What can Google do with the data I store in the Google Apps @ Cambridge service?
  4. Google provides this service to the University under contract, what exactly did we sign?
  5. Who owns data sent to Google Apps?
  6. Will data stored on Google's servers be shared with the U.S. Government?