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This page provides instructions for ACN/UAS users who wish to access their email and the UIS admin environment whilst away from the office, using a Windows PC.

These instructions explain how to install and use two apps:

  • Pulse Secure to setup a secure tunnel to the ACN network and
  • Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection to connect to the Terminal Server or your work PC over this tunnel.

1. Download Pulse Secure

Check to see if you are running 32-bit or 64-bit Windows.

Download the 32 bit installer from Pulse Secure for 32bit Windows

Download the 64 bit installer from Pulse Secure for 64bit Windows


2. Uninstall any old versions of Network Connect, Junos Pulse or Pulse Secure

This is important, as Pulse Secure may not work if older versions are not uninstalled first.

These instructions are for Windows 7 but will be similar for other versions of Windows.

  • Open Control Panel and go to Programs & Features.
  • One by one, double-click on any entries for older versions and uninstall.



3. Install the new version of Pulse Secure

  • Double-click on the file that you downloaded earlier

Click on Next

Pulse installer windows1


Click on Install. You may get a popup window and have to enter an administrative password for your computer or click yes to proceed.

 Pulse installer windows2


Once the installation has completed, click on Finish.

 Pulse installer windows2





4. Configure the new Pulse Secure

Pulse Secure starts automatically and installs an icon in the notification tray near the clock.

Pulse installer windows 4


Click on the icon then click on Open Pulse Secure.

Pulse installer windows 5



Pulse Secure will open. Click on the + symbol.

Pulse installer windows 6



This opens the Add Connection windows pane.

Leave the Type as Policy Secure (UAC) or Connect Secure (VPN).

For the Name: type in a memorable name, such as Remote Access.

For the Server URL: type in

Click on the Add button.

Add Connection


You will now see an entry for your tunnel connection to the ACN network. Make sure that you have a connection to the Internet. Click on Connect. After a short time you should see the line connect.

Pulse installer windows 8



In the future, to initiate a connection you need only click on the Pulse Secure icon, then the name for your connection (here we have called it Remote Access) and then Connect.

Pulse installer windows 9





5. Using the Pulse Secure tunnel to connect to the ACN terminal server or your work PC.


Firstly make sure you have a successful connection with Pulse Secure.

Then open Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection.

If you are not sure where this is, click on the Windows button and type mstsc and press Enter.



Type in and click on Connect.


If you have permission to remotely log into your work PC, use its name instead of terminal7.

For example, to connect to workstation WS010678, type in If you are not sure of the name of your computer, contact the Service Desk.


You should be prompted to enter your username and password.

For the username enter  internal\crs-id

For example, if your crs-id is abc123, then enter  internal\abc123

Be sure to type in a backslash \ and not a forwardslash /

If you are presented with this warning, tick 'Don't ask me again for connections to this computer' and click on Yes.


If everything is successful you will be logged in and will be presented with the normal desktop.