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Remote Access for ACN/UAS users

There are a number of methods for UAS users to access their email and the UIS admin environment whilst away.

Webmail (Outlook Web App)

Webmail is available free to anyone with a standard web browser and internet connection. The website is This is a secure way to access your mail and offers many of the features that the desktop version of outlook provides. To increase security, please ensure you sign out once you are done.

Remote Access: Terminal Server

UIS admin provides remote access to the standard desktop environment. That allows you access to your files, folders and the software on a standard ACN desktop build.

We levy a charge £150 to set-up new users, this helps to support the service and ensures managers fully support an individual's use of this service. You should note that the client (your home) PC, should be patched, up-to-date and also be running up-to-date antivirus software.

There are specific instructions on remote access using Windows or Apple Mac.

Remote Access: Directly to your work PC

What if you have specialist software on your work PC, such as AutoDesk? This won't be available on the standard Terminal Server that you remotely access. The service desk can help solve this by setting up remote access, directly to your work PC. This will allow you to access all your files, folders and all the applications installed on your desktop. Your PC must be turned on for this to work.

In order to log in, a license must be purchased from UIS at £150 each.