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Managed Network Service





With the Managed Network Service, the UIS fully manages and supports a local institutional network. It is available for any University institution - college or department.

There are two options for this service, depending on whether the UIS or the customer provides the network hardware.


Option 1: UIS provided switches

This service provides a complete managed network for a department, college or institution. 

Key features of this service are as follows:

  • Free setup and installation.
  • The UIS provides and installs all network switches (upfront hardware costs apply)
  • The UIS provides network configuration, management and trouble-shooting (infrastructure only).
  • Hardware spares provide loan equipment in the event of hardware failure.
  • The UIS provides free replacement of faulty network equipment.
  • The UIS provides free replacement of end-of-life network equipment.
  • All network ports are Gigabit with POE+ and can support a phone and a computer per port (depending upon configuration).

Option 2: Institution switches

Where a department has already invested in data network switches, but requires IT expertise to manage that infrastructure, the UIS can adopt the management and support of the network.

This service is the same as the standard Managed Network Service with the following changes:

  • Existing data and telephone switches are adopted by the UIS.
  • Adopted equipment must meet minimum standards to be supported (as defined by UIS at time of adoption).
  • Network switches have a maximum lifetime of 6 years. Equipment reaching 6 years must be replaced by either UIS or the Institution.
  • Adopted hardware is not replaced for free by the UIS in the event of equipment failure but loan equipment is available while a repair\warranty replacement is arranged.
  • The use of desktop hubs\switches is not recommended by the UIS and these will not be supported.


Service Charges 2015-16

Managed Switch Option

Annual Service Charge
UIS switch - 24 port £450
UIS switch - 48 port £550
Institution switch (up to 48 ports) £200

 Note that some switch models use one of the 48 ports as an uplink.


Service policies

  • UIS provided network switches remain the property of the UIS.
  • Adopted institution-owned network switches remain the property of the institution.
  • Network equipment has a lifetime of 6 years (but may be upgraded earlier if necessary).
  • Service charges can be adjusted once a year, if needed, to reflect changing costs.
  • The service charge does not include the cost of the local POP switch and/or associated costs.
  • The make\model of UIS provided switches are determined by the UIS (e.g. HP, Cisco) at the time of purchase.
  • 10G connectivity is by special negotiation.


Minimum hardware standards

  • Adopted equipment must be manageable via a fully featured Command Line Interface. Equipment with only a web interface cannot be adopted.
  • Please note that the UIS will not adopt brand new switches unless they have been bought with the specific agreement of the UIS in relation to this service.
  • Adopted switches are typically HP or Cisco. Unusual products may not be supported.



If you have any enquiries regarding UIS network services, or other University network topics, please send an email to: