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MCS Software

The software available differs according to the platform, Windows, Macintosh and Linux being used. Consistency of application version across all operating systems is maintained where possible. Some PCs across the the MCS are dual boot, offering Linux and Windows operating systems.

NOTE: there is no remote access to Macintosh applications from outside the managed clusters, you can however access a limited set of Windows applications via the DS-Remote service. Linux applications can be accessed remotely, and also your DS files and DS printers.

Kiosk mode access from the MCS

A "kiosk mode" facility allows fast access from a MCS Windows (or Macintosh) machine to Hermes email and the Library catalogue, without the overhead of logging in to the MCS.

At the MCS Windows (or Macintosh) login screen where you would normally enter your UIS identifier and password, type Hermes or Newton instead of your identifier, and leave the password blank. You will be taken straight to the Hermes login page or Library catalogue page.

Last updated: February 2017