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Managed desktops & applications

Managed desktops

A range of fully managed services for staff and students, accessed via the Managed Cluster Service public workstations, and in some cases, your own mobile devices and Windows computers:

The MCS provides students and staff with access to a UIS-managed computers with a range of software on Windows®, Linux® and Macintosh® platforms, and to managed printing facilities. There are several MCS computer rooms in various locations around the University. The MCS serves upwards of 20,000 users every year, with 35,000 sessions every week during term.

The Administrative Computing Network (ACN) Desktop Support section provides on-site and remote assistance support to more than 1,200 users of the computers connected to and the systems and services offered on the ACN.

The Institution Support Service can give paid-for support, which includes provision of a desktop for either Macs or Windows.

A fully backed-up, centralised filestore, accessible from anywhere in the world; it currently hosts over 30 million files.

The web-based interface used to access an individual's personal space on the DS-Filestore. Mobile access is possible using the 'DS-Files' app, available for both Android and iOS devices.

DS-Remote is a service primarily for the use of students to aid access to Windows applications outside of the MCS for use on your own device, having installed a remote desktop client.

UIS supports the Board of Examinations in the computer provision for examinations with adjustments through the provision of classroom facilities, a secure Windows 7 Desktop environment and technical support.

The DS-Exams service is provided for students taking examinations with adjustments (i.e. those students authorised by the Board of Examinations to use a computer rather than writing their examination answers by hand).

Self-service printing (DS-Print)

Print services are made available directly to users, through connection to the Cambridge network, and also to institutions for federated management of printing services for their users.