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Check your balance

You can check your balances using DS-Print Credit Lookup.

DS-Print Credit Lookup LOGIN

The Common Balance together with any Local Balance (and you can have more than one) will be listed with credit amounts.

Please Note: From late September 2017 access to Credit Lookup will only be available via My DS-Print.

My DS-Print enables you to self-serve your DS-Print account. My DS-Print combines the functions of 'eCredit' and 'DS-Print Credit Lookup'. Additionally, My DS-Print provides a NEW feature enabling you to view and download account history.


  • Apply credit to Common Balance using credit or debit card
  • View account balances including the Common Balance
  • NEW - search transaction, print, photocopy or scanning history

My DS-Print overview available at My DS-Print (Balances/History/eCredit)