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Configuring a managed print site

Documentation enabling an institution to configure and deploy DS-Print managed print to institutional own managed Windows workstations. The best deployment option will largely depend on the available environment at the local institution. Information provided is meant as a general recommendation not specific "how-to" instructions. Guidance is based on Windows Server 2016 Group Policy and Windows 10 Client, ideal deployment method may differ version to version of Windows, however, the principles remain the same.

For the managed print service to function correctly in your environment accomplishing three prerequisites is necessary.

  1. Fulfil DS-Print networking requirements 
  2. An authenticated connection to the printer share needs to be established
  3. For user feedback, pre-configured PaperCut print client needs to be deployed and running 

Please read this guide in full before planning and preparing for any deployment.

Last updated 21 Feb 2018 

1. Fulfil DS-Print networking requirements

DS-Print Networking Requirements

2. Establishing an authenticated connection to the printer share

User credentials are required to establish authenticated connections to DS-Print SMB print shares. 
To facilitate establishing and managing connections to print shares, a utility created and supported by DS-Print is available for download.

Download: DS-PrintInst.exe 

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5
.NET Framework 4.5 or above is required to be installed on the target workstation, otherwise, DS-PrintInst.exe will fail when it makes an API call to validate user credentials.

Utility workflow

  1. At every successful log in the utility runs as a startup item.
  2. Users are prompted for UIS credentials, these are then cached in Windows Credential Manager. Therefore, it's essential that each user has their own unique profile for that workstation - in its current form, this makes the utility unsuitable for Kiosk workstations. 
  3. The already acquired user’s CRSid is placed in pc-client.PROPERTIES file located in that user’s home directory to identify the user for user feedback provided by PaperCut Print Client.
  4. Using the cached credentials a connection to the shares is established to install the queue locally. Windows Point and Print installs print driver and default preferences using "system" privileges.
  5. If credentials fail (user changed password) DS-Print utility requests for credentials once more, re-establishing the connection to shares.

How to configure which print queues are installed, uninstalled, and set as default

1. Config file
If a "dsprinters.txt" file exists in the same directory as the DS-PrintInst.exe, it will use the contents of this file (see below for details)

2. Command-line argument
If a "/f <file>" command-line argument is present, it will use the contents of this file (see below for details)

3. Command-line arguments
If "/i <queue>,<queue>...", "/u <queue>,<queue>...", "/d <queue>", or "/prompt <message>" command-line arguments are present, it will use those

The config file (either "dsprinter.txt" or specified by "/f") and command-line argument(s) has the format:

# Comment lines - ignored

# Install the following queues
i: IS_FindMe,IS_Test_FindMe

# Uninstall the following queues
u: Law_FindMe

# Make the following queue the default
d: IS_FindMe

# Replace user prompt message "Please enter your UIS credentials to enable DS-Print Service on this PC."
prompt: Please enter your University Library credentials to enable DS-Print Service on this PC.

4. Registry key
If an "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\CamUniv\DSPrint" registry key exists it will look at the contents of "InstallQueues", "UninstallQueues" and "DefaultQueue" within this key
"InstallQueues" and "UninstallQueues" values must be "REG_SZ_MULTI" whereas "DefaultQueue" is a REG_SZ

The "uninstall" list of queues will be processed before the "install" list

There is also an optional "/debug" command-line option which, if present, will output a range of log messages to "%TEMP%\DSPrintInst.log"


The Department of Hyperthetics has two printers, Hyp_FindMe and Hyp_TopFloor_BW.
To install both printers and make Hyp_FindMe the default...

Config file

Run "DS-PrintInst.exe" as a startup item with the following "dsprinters.txt" file located in the same directory as DS-PrintInst.exe

# 30/01/2018 Department of Hyperthetics DS-PrintInst.exe config file
# Install the following queues
i: Hyp_FindMe,Hyp_TopFloor_BW
# Make the following queue the default
d: Hyp_FindMe

Alternatively, Command-line arguments

Run "DS-PrintInst.exe" as a startup item with the following Command-line arguments

DS-PrintInst.exe /i Hyp_FindMe,Hyp_TopFloor_BW /d Hyp_FindMe

Alternatively, Registry key

Run "DS-PrintInst.exe" as a startup item with the following Registry values created in "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\CamUniv\DSPrint"

Name: InstallQueues
Data: Hyp_FindMe Hyp_TopFloor_BW

Name: DefaultQueue
Type: REG_SZ
Data: Hyp_FindMe


3. Deploy and run pre-configured PaperCut print client for user feedback

This guide describes the recommended deployment method to run the pre-configured PaperCut print client. The Group Policy deployment is largely based on the method used by the UIS Managed Cluster Service (MCS) for Windows workstations. The MCS deployment method is tried, tested and proven to be reliable in a working live environment for many years. This strategy is also in-line with PaperCut's recommended approach with Windows networks.


Pre-configured PaperCut Print Client v17.4.4 - Feb 2018
Used to provide user feedback. Print Client provided by PaperCut, pre-configured by DS-Print.

Utility developed and supported by DS-Print to run Print Client from an Institutionally hosted network share. 


  1. On bootup Group Policy Computer Preference copies "PapercutWrapper.exe" to the workstation's local drive.
  2. Group Policy User Preference runs "PapercutWrapper.exe" on user login, passing command line option to run Print Client from an Institutional hosted network share.

How to configure Group Policy:

1. Create a policy in "Computer Configuration > Preferences > Windows Settings > Files" to copy "PaperCutWrapper.exe" to workstation's local drive.

GP Example


2. Create a policy in "User Configuration > Preferences > Control Panel Settings > Scheduled Tasks" to run "PapercutWrapper.exe" at logon with an Argument to run PaperCut Print client "pc-client.exe" from an Institutionally hosted network share. I will be necessary to explicitly trust the hosting share, even if it’s in the same domain.

GP Example