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Configuring a managed print site

Documentation enabling an institution to configure and deploy DS-Print managed print to institutional own managed Windows workstations. The best deployment option will largely depend on the available environment at the local institution. Information provided is meant as a general guide not specific "how-to" instructions. Guidance is based around Windows 10, ideal deployment method may differ version to version of Windows however, the principles remain the same.

For the managed print service to function correctly in your environment accomplishing two prerequisites is necessary.

1. A network connection to the printer share needs to be established

Establishing a connection to the printer share is possible using one of two established methods; deployment via Group Policy (or similar) or by means of an alternative to Group Policy, DS-Print utility.


      • UNC path \\\<printer> e.g. \\\IS_FindMe
      • Use of digitally signed print drivers is exclusively utilised by the managed print system.
      • Connections to network print shares are user centric, with installation of print driver being workstation based.
      • Access to print shares are unauthenticated via 'guest' account. At times it's necessary to force guest access by explicitly specifying guest. If Windows Credential Manager has been disabled by the System Administrator on the local workstation it will be necessary to add the below credential to Windows Credential Manager.
        - UNC \\\
        - User name: guest 
        - Password: leave blank

    To facilitate establishing and managing connections to print shares, a utility created and supported by DS-Print is available, which can run either interactively or silent.

    Download 'DS-Print utility'

    This document focuses on running the utility silently. When a user logs onto a PC, it is necessary to ensure that the necessary print queues are available. To do so, we would suggest using, a login script, Windows Task Scheduler, or Group Policy or similar client configuration management. 

    In the case of a login script, DS-Print.exe should be run with one or more of the following options:

    /i <printer> [,<printer> …] Install specified printer(s)
    /u <printer> [,<printer> …] Uninstall specified printer(s)
    /d <printer> Set the default printer
    /f <file> Read configuration from specified file
    /p Install PaperCut client for workstations from DS-Print network share

    If you specify /f <file> the file should be in the following format:

    i:<printer> Install the specified printer
    u:<printer> Uninstall the specified printer
    d:<printer> Set the default printer
    p: Install PaperCut client for workstations from DS-Print network share

    Lines starting with # are comments and will be ignored, and option letters are case-insensitive.

    If multiple options are specified, they will be processed in the following order:

    /f will process the file and merge options with those on the command-line
    /u will uninstall specified printers
    /i will install specified printers
    /d will set the specified printer to be the default
    /p Install PaperCut client for workstations from DS-Print network share


    The Department of Hyperthetics has two printers, Hyp_Lib_BW and Hyp_TopFloor_Col.
    To install both printers, make Hyp_TopFloor_Col the default and run the PaperCut client, use:
    DS-Print.exe -i Hyp_Lib_BW,Hyp_TopFloor_Col -d Hyp_TopFloor_Col -p

    Alternatively, create a file (perhaps named Config.txt) containing:


    and use:

    DS-Print.exe /f Config.txt


    2. DS-Print pre-configured PaperCut print client needs to be running

    The PaperCut print client has been configured to ensure it behaves and communicates expectantly with the managed print service.

    Optionally, a kiosk print client is available being particularly useful for situations where a limited functionality workstation is accessed without authentication, such as a Library catalogue terminal. The kiosk print client has been configured not to cache users credentials; this makes it ideal for multiple users to use the same Windows session, as credentials are required for every print job routed to the DS-Print system.

    Two technical methods are offered to institutions with regards to running the print client:

      1. Run from local workstation installation
      2. Run from a network share


      • PaperCut print client is required for user authentication and feedback purposes.
      • The PaperCut print client caches user authentication credentials in the 'c:\Users\' directory therefore it is essential that each user has their own unique logon credentials (or roaming profile) for that workstation.

    Run from local workstation installation

    Installation of software (in this case PaperCut client) can only succeed by an account with administrative privileges. Therefore, it will be necessary to deploy the PaperCut print client using Group Policy or similar client configuration management. 

    If deployment via Group Policy or similar is not a viable option, then it will be necessary to manually install the PaperCut print client. Installation can be achieved by running DS-Print.exe interactively (requires administrative privileges). For your convenience you may wish to image this workstation and distribute this image to your other stations to avoid having to go through this procedure for each one. Additionally, print queues (which includes drivers) can also be installed interactively.

    Running DS-Print utility with 'p' option will install the print client (client for workstations) on the local workstation if a client is not already installed. This option has been configured to silently install PaperCut print client. Installation files are hosted on a network share using DS-Print infrastructure and maintained by DS-Print. It is anticipated that this option will be infrequently utilised as installation of software requires administrative privileges.

    Run from a network share

    The print client can be run (requiring no administrative privileges) from a network share hosted by DS-Print (or hosted on an institution's managed network share) providing a zero-install solution. Running from DS-Print share ensures the workstation is running the latest client offered by DS-Print, however, additional loading overhead of the client maybe noticed by end users. Running the client from a network share is only recommended when network bandwidth is ideal.

    Pre-configured PaperCut print client files

    Files can be located and download from the following Guest access network shares. Please ensure you download all files. For zero-install deployments run application 'pc-client.exe'. 

      • Client for Workstation
        Navigate to network share \\\DSPrint\win\
      • Client for Kiosk
        Navigate to network share \\\DSPrint\kiosk\