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Introduction to DS-Print for Institutions

The University Managed Print Service (MPS) operating under the banner name of DS-Print is a centralised system for managing print, copy and scan usage across the collegiate University.

The service uses a customised print management system to route print queues via a central print management service, dealing on behalf of each participating institution with all print spooling, auditing, reporting, user authentication and charging. This reduces costs for institutions, in exchange for a modest fee, by eliminating the hassle and overhead of having to purchase, maintain and administer local infrastructure.

The MPS allows for a great deal of delegated management (via a web-based Delegated Management System) to the institution. Secure authentication using the established University of Cambridge ID card is provided as part of the MPS.

Running on dedicated hardware, the MPS central infrastructure is located in the University Information Services Data Centre and enabled for use across the CUDN. Users in participating institutions can send print jobs to printers and MFDs (Multi-Function Devices) from their own Mac or Windows workstation, via wired or wireless (eduroam, UniOfCam) connections.

Users pay for their usage online by debit or credit card, in advance, and can use their DS-Print credit at any institution across the University participating in the Common Balance scheme.



  • Supports most Multi-Function Devices (MFD: printer/copier/scanner in one) and network printers (new and old)
  • Reduce staff overhead, capital expenditure on infrastructure, and licensing costs
  • Delegated Management System (DMS) allows institution staff to control, monitor and report usage
  • Options to charge users for photocopying, printing and scanning, at rates set by each institution
  • FindMe: authenticated release print jobs at any MFD within an institution. This provides for confidential printing and reduces wastage from non-collected print jobs
  • EmailMe: scan documents up to A3 at an MFD directly to email
  • DS-Print Credit: purchased online and used to pay for usage at any participating institution. VAT is charged where applicable, undergraduate printing being exempt


The Managed Print Service is a charged service. The prices, available upon application, depending on the number and type of printers and/or MFDs being supported. The purchase, maintenance and supplies of the MFD or printer remains the responsibility of the institution. Charging guidance is available at DS-Print subscription service charges.