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Reporting problems and giving feedback

Feedback and faults

  • General feedback can be made to
  • Operational problems (e.g. systems not running, rejecting logins, etc.) with any Information Services (UIS) system may be reported to the Service Desk by email to or by phone to 62999. Known faults or breaks in service will be announced on the UIS news service.
  • MCS equipment
  • Building services repairs within the UIS, such as furniture, lightbulbs and so on, can be requested by using the online fault-report form.
  • Faults on College and Departmental equipment should be reported to the appropriate Computer Officer.
  • Network faults should also be reported to local support staff in the first instance.
  • Feedback is requested at all UIS training courses and can be contributed via
  • Standards of Service forms are available from the Service Desk and can be used for comments about any UIS service. They will be passed on to the relevant part of the Service, and replied to.
  • Suspected problems with the security of computer systems should be reported to
  • Problems with offensive and harassing material (e-mail etc.) can be sent to

Last updated: December 2016