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We recommend that Booker Display Admins read the ProDVX Kiosk set up guide before following these instructions.

  1. Power on the tablet by pressing and holding the top on/off switch.
  2. Select and open the 'ProDVX Kiosk Browser' on the device.


  3. The ProDVX website will appear.


  4. To change the URL, long-press the upper left side of the display. It is dark text on a dark background so you might not notice it initially. After 10 seconds the URL search bar will appear.


  5. Select the current URL to bring up the onscreen keyboard.  Next, replace the current URL with "".
  6.  Login to the Booker Display Portal, using your login credentials.


  7. Next, follow one of the guides to configure the display for the resource or room.
  8. Once configured, repeat step 4 and make a note of the URL (as you will need to enter this at step 10). An example URL is " Buttons=x&confAuth=pin&tid=xx"


  9. Restart the display tablet by holding down the power button (found on the top of the device) and then select 'Restart' from the displayed options.
  10. Once the tablet is back up, follow steps 2 to 5 but instead of entering the Booker login URL (, enter the URL you noted under step 8.
  11. Restart the tablet, and when you start the Kiosk Browser it'll open automatically to your chosen URL. To configure the Kiosk Browser to open automatically on restart see the steps below.


Configure the ProDVX Kiosk Browser to open automatically when you restart the tablet

  1. To further configure the Kiosk Browser, press the upper left side of the display and select 'Settings'.

In the settings, you can:

  • set the time for a scheduled reboot
  • set an automatic refresh (this will reload the given URL after the chosen amount of seconds)
  • enable the Kiosk Browser to automatically start when the device is powered on (recommended)
  • close the settings by selecting 'Exit'

Set up a password that will be required for any future configuration changes

Administrators of the tablet are able to set a security password that is required for any future URL or security configurational changes. We would recommend setting a password to stop any misuse. 

  1. To further configure the Kiosk Browser, press the upper left side of the display and select 'Edit Security'.
  2. Select 'Password' from the pop-up menu:


  3. Enter your required password