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The ProDVX Kiosk Browser allows you to:

  • lock the tablet with a pin so that it can only be used for checking in to rooms, and users cannot change the configuration
  • specify that the web page for the room or resource in Booker is the default start up screen when the tablet is restarted  

Required for installation:


How to install the ProDVX Kiosk Browser

  1. Turn on your ProDVX Android Device and connect to the internet via an ethernet cable. 
  2.  Select the circle in the middle of the screen to go to the main menu. 


  3. Select 'ApkInstaller'.


  4. Select 'Install'.


  5. Select 'USB Memory'.


  6. Select 'ProDVX Kiosk Browser-v.1.9.4_for_Andriod_6.0.apk'


  7. Select 'Install'


  8. You might see a security pop-up warning. Select 'Settings'.


  9. On the new pop-up, slide the toggle below 'ApkInstaller' so that 'Allow from this source' is switched on. 


  10. You might see 2 additional pop-up screens.  Select 'OK' if you're asked to grant access to 'READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE_WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE'.  Select 'Allow' to the ApkInstaller media access request. 


  11. Once confirmed the install should begin. Follow the set up instructions to configure the display of your tablet