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How to resolve the "Cannot connect to server" error message when logging in to the Citrix Workspace app.

Error message

When trying to log in to the Citrix Workspace app you get the following error message:

Cannot Connect to Server, please check your network and try again


On rare occasions, users might receive the above error screen, after entering their credentials when accessing the Citrix Workspace Application. This is often caused by users failing previously to completely log out and shut down the application. 


1. Close any active sessions of the Citrix Workspace application and retry.

If there are no active sessions or this doesn't fix the problem, continue as follows:

2.  Right-click the Citrix Workspace application icon in the Windows taskbar:


3.  Select Advanced Preferences.

4.  Select Reset Citrix Workspace.  

5.  Once complete, restart the Citrix Workspace application.

6. If necessary, enter into the Add Account dialog box


7. Citrix Workspace should now start, prompt you to log in and open successfully. 



1.  Open the Citrix Workspace application.


2.  Open the Menu in the top right corner:


3. Select Refresh Apps:


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