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When you use the AppsAnywhere service to log on to your virtual UMD Desktop for the first time, you are in effect setting up a brand new machine. As with any new machine, you will need to manually set up your personal configuration and preferences, including access to your shared mailboxes and calendars.


The owner of the shared mailbox must have granted you permission to access it before you can add it to your Outlook client.

Adding a shared mailbox in Outlook (Windows desktop client

1. Log in to Citrix Workspace.

2. From the Desktops menu, open your University desktop (either the University Managed Desktop (UMD) or Student Managed Desktop (SMD)):



3. Once your Desktop opens, navigate to the Start Menu and open Outlook:

4. Select File from the top menu bar.


5. Click the Add Account button:


6. Type in the email address of the shared mailbox you wish to add and click the Connect button.



7. Sign in to your Microsoft account with your email address and Raven password:



8. You will see a pop-up notification confirming the account set up was successful:



10.  Close Outlook and then reopen it. The new shared mailbox should be available to access:


How to remove a shared mailbox from your Outlook client

  1. Right-click on the mailbox and select the Remove shared account option.