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Research grant expenditure application


On Thursday the 1st of June we will be updating the data feed that is used for the RGEA system, and making a few minor enhancements to the interface.  This will result in downtime of the RGEA on the morning from 07:00 until 12:00.

The benefits of us updating the data feed into the RGEA are essential to ensure the future reliability of the application.

The minor enhancements you will notice to the user interface include:

A task number to the expenditure detail data download

The tab previously named “Expenditure Detail” is now more clearly labelled “CUFS Expenditure & Commitment Detail”

The user guide will be updated to reflect these changes


The Research Grant Expenditure application has been developed by UIS to provide PIs (and their delegates) with instant access to research grant budget, expenditure, commitment and remaining balance information via a simple-to-use web interface.

Key features and benefits include:

  • Secured by Raven and easily accessible
  • Users automatically presented with a summary of their awards and projects
  • Allows manual commitments (e.g. for staff costs or equipment ) to be added
  • Simple drill-down from award and project level all the way down to individual expenditure items
  • Early identification of potential underspend or overspend
  • Forecasts expenditure to the end of the grant
  • Multiple graphical outputs available
  • Data refreshed from CUFS overnight
  • Highly flexible delegations capability

Access to the system is not automatic and is only provided on request. If you wish to access this application, please contact your administrator and ask them to complete the Access Request Form.

To find out more, or to request a demonstration, please contact .