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Outlook Anywhere configuration for UAS email

To configure Outlook to connect to Admin mail over https using Outlook Anywhere please follow the instructions below.

It may also be a good idea to use cached mode although it is not required. To ensure that the correct credentials are passed you could also use ‘Always prompt for credentials’.

  • Open control panel and select “Mail”
  • Select “Email Accounts > “New” > “Email Account” > “Manually configure…” > “Microsoft Exchange or compatible service”
  • Enter the following on the form below:
    The user name is the mailbox that you want to open
  • When prompted for credentials you will need to use your admin domain credentials in the format INTERNAL\CRSID
  • Outlook will complain that it cannot find the mailbox initially, ignore this and click “More settings”


On the “Connection” tab click on “Exchange Proxy Settings” and configure as below:


Then click "OK".