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Configuring Outlook 2011 on a Mac for UAS Email

You can use these instructions to add an additional account on Outlook 2011 to access your UAS email, calendar and contacts.

  • Open Outlook 2011, click on Tools and then Accounts.

outlook 2011   2 open acc 

  • The Add an Account window will appear. Click on Exchange or Office 365.

outlook 2011   3 add an account 

  • Enter your E-mail address.  Leave the Method as User Name and Password.
  • For User name enter internal\ followed by your crsid (that is the username you use to login to your UIS computer).  Enter your UIS password.
  • For Server enter and click on Add Account.

outlook 2011   4 add acc info 

  • If you are presented with this warning, please tick Always use my response for this server and click on Allow.

outlook 2011   5 autodiscover warn

Close all the open windows, except the main Outlook 2011 screen.  It may take a minute before Outlook 2011 recognises your account and starts syncronising your data. Depending on how large your mailbox is, this may take sometime. You should leave Outlook 2011 open and the computer connected to the Internet until it is finished.