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Configuring eduroam - Mac OS 10.4 (Tiger)

Make sure that you have your credentials (eduroam identifier and Network access token (username and password)) from the UCS Tokens service.

  1. From the AirPort dropdown in the menu bar select eduroam (you may need to select Turn AirPort On first)

dropdown menu

  1. In the dialogue box that opens
    airport user/password
    • enter your eduroam identifier (typically your CRSid followed by in the User Name box
    • enter your Network access token in the Password box
    • leave 802.1X Configuration as Automatic
    • tick Remember password in my keychain
    • Select OK
  2. In the Verify Certificate dialogue box 
    Verify Certificate dialoge box Select Show Certificate
  3. In the expanded box
    • the chain should look as indicated below (if it doesn't, stop and contact the Help Desk)
      certificate chain displayed
    • select the arrow beside Trust Settings, scroll down until you see the Extensible Authentication (EAP) entry and, from that menu, choose Always Trust
    • select Continue
  4. In order to automatically connect to eduroam you need to have this set as your preferred network; to do this
    • In System Preferences select Network then Airport then select Advanced
    • Check that the pulldown list is set to Preferred networks and drag eduroam to the top of the list of networks;
      ordering preferred networks
    • select Apply Now then close System Preferences

Your computer will now be authenticated to the network, after that you should be able to access the internet. If you get an error saying that authentication has failed, double-check the above steps.

All the settings you have made are stored in your computer and should not need re-entering each time you connect to the eduroam network.

If you experience any problems with these instructions you should try removing your old profile and then try again. If you are still unable to connect, then contact the Help Desk for assistance.


If you have any enquiries regarding UIS network services, or other University network topics, please send an email to: