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Some data traffic on the UniOfCam wireless service is blocked as a security measure.

Outbound to Janet/internet

Blocked: TCP 25 (SMTP) 
135-139 (MS RPC) 
445 (SMB)
Blocked: UDP 135-139 (MS RPC) 
445 (SMB)

Everything else permitted.

Outbound to CUDN

All permitted.


Data traffic on the UniOfCam service is not encrypted, including passage of passwords, so you should use the appropriate secure applications or protocols (e.g. HTTPS rather than HTTP, IMAPS rather than IMAP, SSH rather than telnet) for your own protection.

Having Javascript enabled in your browser is recommended when using the University of Cambridge Wireless Service, as this helps to ensure the effective working of the authentication system.

The service does not have any specific restrictions in place to prevent printing using Microsoft or other protocols (e.g. IPP). If you find that this does not work it may be that the local institution has its own rules preventing it (e.g. DS-Print has exceptions to allow TCP/139 into its core network from Lapwing and eduroam - but these are not specific to either the University WiFi service or eduroam: more DS-Print itself.)

Local, institutional, rules may also apply elsewhere. If an institution has a block on inbound traffic (e.g. TCP/139 into a department on the CUDN routers) then you may find that you cannot reach certain resources in that institution. Changes to these can be requested by institutions, or made to their own firewalls, as relevant.

Last updated: April 2015


If you have any enquiries regarding UIS network services, or other University network topics, please send an email to: