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Managed Cluster Service (MCS)

The Managed Cluster Service (MCS) provides open-access managed desktop workstations for the use of all staff and students at the University. It provides networked computers on Windows, Linux and Mac platforms, running a wide variety of software, as well as managed printers and scanners.


Managed Cluster rooms

UIS runs a number of public rooms ('Managed Clusters'), and many Colleges and Departments also have similar rooms for the use of their own members.

MCS computers provide access to a wide range of software as well as your Desktop Services central filestore (known as DS-Filestore), and to central printing facilities (DS-Print).

Opening hours and locations

The service runs 24/7, subject to occasional downtime for scheduled work. Some MCS rooms (those managed centrally by UIS) are also designated Teaching Rooms which may be booked for courses at certain times.

Some rooms offer Windows, Macintosh and Linux platforms; others only one or two. 

Note: We do not make detailed information about these facilities available publicly. Please log in with Raven (top right of the screen) to access the links below.

UIS Managed Cluster rooms

Institutional Managed Cluster sites

Map of the MCS public rooms

MCS hours of service

MCS operating systems and hardware

Logging in to an MCS computer

To use the MCS computers, you will need to log in to your Desktop Services account, using your CRSid and UIS Password.

When you log in, you are automatically connected to DS-Filestore (your Desktop Services filespace). You can also access this from any other Internet-connected system.

Remote access

DS-Filestore and DS-Print can be accessed from your own computer or mobile device, from elsewhere on the network.

Windows and Mac OS applications

MCS Windows and Macintosh applications (e.g. office software, teaching programs) can not be accessed remotely from outside the MCS (e.g. from machines in college rooms).

Linux applications

Linux users may, however, log in to the remote MCS Linux service from anywhere, giving access to all your DS files, and appropriate Linux applications.

Help and support

To help you use the software on the MCS computers, libraries of information are available in the UIS public rooms, from the UIS Service Desk and in other Managed Clusters rooms.


For information about physical and software aids to accessibility, and other specialist facilities for users with additional needs, please see:

Accessibility and UIS facilities