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Supported MFDs and printers

Guidance regarding DS-Print supported printers and Multi-Functional Devices (MFD).

DS-Print is wherever possible vendor neutral, however, choice is limited to supported devices (some offer better support than others). If you have a particular model or range in mind, we are happy to confirm suitability, level of support and how well the MFD or printer will integrate into DS-Print service. For models which DS-Print is unfamiliar with, we may ask the institution to provide an evaluation model to trial the service and evaluate that model, usually a trial can be provided free of charge depending on licencing and likely uptake of the printer or MFD under evaluation. 

All enquiries should be addressed to 

Printer/MFD baseline specification 

  • An institution will need to be connected to the CUDN
  • Network capable printer or MFD
  • Postscript compatible
  • Support Windows, Mac and Linux platforms
  • Windows print drivers must be packaged and signed


Preference for MFDs (Multi-Functional Devices)

Konica Minolta is the preferred supplier and has ensured that their MFD fully integrates into the University Managed Print Service and therefore are able to offer enhanced support. The Konica Minolta bizhub is a popular choice for library and computer room use, as well as staff areas alike. The popularity of the Konica Minolta means DS-Print is more familiar with these MFDs so can offer quicker support response times and have better product insight to further enhance service offering.


Preference for Printers

In general our preference for single function printers is from the HP Enterprise range. They integrate well into the system and are fully supported. We are happy to evaluate and configure other manufacturer's ranges. Support provided by the UIS for other than HP printers will not be provided to the same level currently experienced with HP printers.

Procurement of Printers

It’s recommended to procure printers via a framework agreement, NEPA is the University elected framework for printer purchases or rental, and printer related services. The framework agreement (available to the collegiate University) can be accessed via HE Contracts. HE Contracts online system provisions the ability to submit a RFQ (Request for Quotation), a screencast detailing submitting a RFQ can be viewed on the HE Contracts YouTube channel. At the time of procurement it's recommended to investigate covering maintenance and consumable (toner, image drum, fuser etc.) costs by placing the printer under a Service Agreement with the supplier.