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Nearly-free software

The sites listed for free software (see lefthand navigation bar) are also good sources for shareware (which you can typically use free for a short period but are then asked to contribute towards costs).

Commercial purchase

University Information Services' Software Sales handles a variety of commercial software for which special prices have been negotiated through CHEST or otherwise.

Software which is not available free or as shareware or through Software Sales will have to be purchased from commercial retailers (including online retailers). Academic discounts are often available, so it is always worth asking dealers if there is an education price.

Online Sources

There are a number of online sources for academic priced software. Many software distributers and resellers also offer standalone versions for student use at a competitive price. Listed here are reputable sites carrying products that might interest university staff and students.


Our site licence does not at this time include student use. There is an academic version available for purchase at a reasonable price through Bilaney Consultants. You will need to select the University of Cambridge as your institution and click on link to continue to find the available products.

Microsoft Products

Our site licence does not at this time include student use. Heavily discounted pricing for Microsoft Office and Windows for home and student use can be found at The Ultimate Steal or Software4students.